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HIPAA, Hackers & Secure Telehealth

HIPAA, Hackers & Secure Telehealth

As patient care becomes more decentralized and distributed, healthcare providers and their patients are now, more than ever, in need of telehealth solutions. The OCR has responded to risks of in-person visits in the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) by relaxing its enforcement of HIPAA safeguards related to the use of video conferencing tools like […]

Five Questions CTOs Ask Me About QA

Over the past 10 years, I have consulted with dozens of tech organizations on how to architect high-quality web and mobile applications. I’ve been fortunate to talk with a lot of CTOs, VPs, and Directors of Engineering who have experienced testing challenges and who have asked my insights on their QA function within their organization. […]

The Iowa Caucus App was Doomed from the Start: The Real Lessons from the “Glitchy” App Debacle

Without having been properly tested for load and scale, it’s pretty obvious that the Iowa Caucus application was doomed to fail. It is impossible to overlook the major controversy that has been sparked by the failures of the mobile voting app that was commissioned to support the recent Iowa elections. This app designed to tabulate […]

3 ways QA pros can lead quality-driven development in a DevSecOps world

As companies strengthen their DevSecOps practices, there’s a pressing need for quality-driven leaders to drive “shift left” testing. Your entire organization benefits from having testers involved earlier in the development process. There are other advantages, too. Test teams gain a better understanding of the full system under test and participate in improving user stories and […]